ASPack Software Roadmap

StarForce Technologies hereunder discloses its strategy for ASPack software development

The primary task for StarForce Technologies is total support of state-of-the-art technologies and development of new handy services for the current and potential clients of ASPack Software.

StarForce will not make any radical changes both in the structure of ASPack products or the means of distribution and support. These constituents are fully qualified and have made a good show in front of both budget limited developers and publishers to archive and protect applications.

At present, making full use of profound skills and experience and being familiar with ASPack device, StarForce specialists are ready to proceed customized decisions based on ASPack Software technologies. Besides, to meet demands better and to follow customer’s wishes, StarForce has developed and is going to take the following actions to advance the project:

Besides, StarForce has planned to create the national versions of ASPack Software products and consultation for those who are in need of the customized decisions.

Today as before you are able to get technical support about ASPack Software products using the official forum of the project.

If you need a customized decision or you have any requirements regarding ASPack development, do not hesitate to contact us:

About StarForce

StarForce company is an expert in the field of copy protection of software and digital content against illegal copying and grabbing. StarForce is one of the three leaders of the world copy protection market and for many years is the leading developer of means of copy protection in the Russian multimedia market.

The StarForce solutions’ integration into any software products and digital content allows to use various schemes of distribution and the control of the distribution. StarForce offers a wide choice of reliable tools for protection against house copying, emulation and professional cracking. The narrow specialization of StarForce provides the development of technologically faultless products and guarantees a high degree of reliability and quality.

Since 2006 StarForce successfully works in the field of business software and a mobile content market.