What is ASProtect 32 (SKE)?

ASProtect 32ASProtect is designed for software protection of 32-bit applications, targeted for software developers. It provides quick implementation of application protection functions such as working with registration keys and creation of evaluation and trial application versions.

ASProtect Features

ASProtect Benefits

  1. Powerful algorithm with up to 15 modes. The protected application can be used in different modes, e.g.:

    • trial (30 day, activated with a key only)
    • registered mode1 (Basic Edition)
    • registered mode2 (Corporate Edition)

    Every mode can be unlocked with a special registration key or (and) a password. Every mode unlocks specified encryption sections.

  2. Short registration keys


    Name: John Smith (john@server.com)
    Registration Key: BCGKUY-QFGEP-CQ2YP-QYYAT-6X4FK-B87X4

  3. ASProtect allows you to work with API as with normal imported functions via aspr_ide.dll.

  4. ASProtect allows you to debug ASProtect API in run-time via aspr_ide.dll.

  5. A large selection of binding objects: your application can be bound to network cards, BIOS information, central processor, operation system, hard drive parameters, S.M.A.R.T. information, etc.


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