StarForce provides DRM for Bitcoin automatic sales software

StarForce Technologies provides StarForce ProActive to LegalSystems to prevent illegal distribution of the solution that is responsible for Bitcoin automatic sales.

StarForce ProActive is designed to provide developers with an effective solution to close the threats connected with software license management and piracy. This StarForce product includes automatic DRM, which allows to activate access to the protected application over the Internet. The StarForce license management servers work all over the world. More than that, developers can use advanced StarForce tools to protect their software against analysis and reverse engineering to prevent cracking and unauthorized modification.

Kenjiro Ichise, CEO at LegalSystems and the expert of Tokyo University Information Security Association: "I received a request to protect some Bitcoin automatic sales software. I was able to protect without trouble with ProActive and my knowledge. Thanks StarForce!"

To learn more about StarForce ProActive please visit our web site.

About LegalSystems

LegalSystems is a Japanese company to provide software development and expertise in information security for customers from different industries. For now, the company uses two StarForce products: StarForce ProActive and ASProtect 32.